About Us

Plant Factory aims to provide the change that agricultural production needs by establishing nature-friendly technological lands in order to enable urban production and to feed our society with healthy, nutritious and delicious plants. Plant Factory, as a provider of final crops and production systems, takes the mission of the research and development activities required to efficient production of medicinal and aromatic plants needed by taking the advantage of technology and science, especially for food products.

Our Story

Since 2014, we have been working hard to engage in agriculture in a closed and controllable environment, and we challenge pesticides, seasons and distant supply chains by establishing vertical lands in the city. On a commercial scale, we produce all year round with 95% less water consumption and 20 times more efficient per square meter. We set new standards to follow all of our crops from seed to your table.

Our Farms

PF001: Our facility, which is based on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, is used for the production and as the R&D center of Plant Factory. Our facility, which has the capacity to produce approximately 5000 crops with the weekly harvest, can also produce special crops such as strawberries and tomatoes apart from green-leafy crops.

PF-GTÜ: Gebze Teknik Üniversitesi kampüsü içerisinde bulunan PF-GTÜ’de fonksiyonel gıda çalışmaları yapılmaktadır. Farklı talep veya ihtiyaca yönelik besin içeriğine sahip ürünlerin üretim çalışmalarının yapıldığı ar-ge tesisimizdir.

PF002-İstinyePark: Plant Factory’nin ilk ticari tesisi olan PF002, İstanbul Avrupa yakasında bulunan İstinyePark AVM’nin -4. katında bulunmaktadır. Yıllık 900.000 adet üretim kapasitesine sahip PF002’de, 20 farklı çeşit sebze yetiştirilmektedir. Günlük taze hasat edilen binlerce ürün ilgili müşterilere ulaştırılmaktadır.

Our Environmental Effect

Conventional agriculture has a negative effect on our natural resources. Our water resources, soil quality and health are spoiled day by day and increased carbon emission affects all living creatures’ life quality in ill part.


70% of our water resources are used for agriculture and 70% of water pollution is caused by agriculture. Recent developments show us that agriculture can’t proceed in this way. Thanks to the closed loop circulation system in Plant Factory facilities, the amount of water used on production is 95% less than the conventional agriculture.


Overuse of pesticides reduces beneficial microorganisms in soil. Our soils are falling behind about filtering and neutralizing these harmful pesticides day by day. And as a result, the toxicity can’t be prevented. Plant Factory protects both our crops and nature by canceling out pesticide usage.


Cultivated land is a very valuable resource and as the soil health reduces, the nutrition of our food also reduces. Plant Factory is able to produce in a vertical land less than the land area required for conventional agriculture, and all necessary micro and macronutrients are given in full to the crops with closed-loop circulation system.

Carbon Emissions

Conventional agriculture for commercial purposes requires an intense energy. From wash drilling to running soil working equipment and to repeated washing of crops in large-scale processing plants, the used machinery and equipment harm our nature. Plant Factory reduces harmful carbon emissions by 98% thanks to its production in urban and without soil.


Conventional agriculture employment has been decreasing since 1970. The seasonal production of many crops does not provide a permanent employment. Since Plant Factory can perform indoor continuous production all the year-round, it will create a positive effect on providing permanent employment.