Fully-controlled agriculture means that we can control, and perfect every aspect of the color, texture, nutrition and most importantly, flavor of our greens. The crops produced in the Plant Factory are perfected more in each harvest.

Why Plant Factory Crops?

We can grow hundreds of greenery and plant varieties thanks to our data-driven cultivation technology and we can harvest those crops achieving the best flavor. Our greens have a longer shelf life and the highest possible food safety controls from seed to package.
  • Consistent Price
  • Longer Shelf Life
  • Safe Harvest
  • Season-Free Production
  • Urban Production
  • Pesticide-Free Production
  • Fresh Delivery
  • Eco-friendly
  • Efficient Production
Plant Factory Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of crops can Plant Factory grow?

As of now, we focused on growing leafy greens and herbs that taste amazing. We work hard to be able to produce crops such as strawberries and tomatoes. Stay tuned for the latest news by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Instagram.

Does Plant Factory carry out organic production?

Organic production is a classification of traditional agriculture. Our produce is as clean as it can possibly be, as we use zero pesticides, non-GMO seeds, and the first person to touch our food is you — the consumer!

Does Plant Factory use genetically modified seeds?

Nope! Everything we grow is non-GMO. We are reducing the reliance on plants dealing with weather conditions and vegetables and fruits traveling miles and miles in trucks.

Does Plant Factory have quality and production certificates?

All equipment used in the production area is food-grade certified. Plant Factory is in the certification process of TÜRKAK & İYİ TARIM and soon an application for internationally accredited GMP (Good Manufacturing Practicing) certification will be made.

When can I buy Plant Factory crops?

We are currently producing delicious products on the Asian side of Istanbul, but soon we will start branching. We are planning to open our next farm on the European side of Istanbul in 2021. Find out when a Plant Factory facility will be available near you by signing up for our newsletter or following us on Instagram.