A cooperation protocol with R&D focus was signed between Gebze Technical University and Plant Factory, one of the pioneers of indoor soilless vertical farming systems in our country.

University-Industry Together for Turkey’s Agriculture

As a result of the ongoing negotiations between, Biotechnology Institute of Gebze Technical University, one of the 11 Research Universities of our country, and Plant Factory Plant and Food Systems Inc., one of the pioneers of domestic and national systems for indoor soilless vertical agriculture, a 4-year cooperation protocol was signed. In the meeting chaired by Rector Prof. Dr. Muhammed Aslan at Gebze Technical University Senate Saloon, along with Plant Factory founding partners Halil BEŞKARDEŞLER, Ahmet GÜNEY, Emre KAYNAR and Anıl SÖNMEZ, Director of Biotechnology Institute Prof. Dr. Işıl KURNAZ, Deputy Director Dr. Academic Member Ümit Barış KUTMAN, Head of Biotechnology Department Prof. Dr. Elif Damla ARISAN, Dr. Academic Bahar YILDIZ KUTMAN, Secretary-General Nadir YILDIRIM and Institute Secretary Murat UÇAR were present.

The Goal Is To Grow Healthy Crops

Within the scope of the signed protocol, a prototype of the soilless vertical agriculture system developed with an R&D focus by Plant Factory will be installed on the Gebze Technical University campus. Within this system, it is planned to carry out R&D activities that aim to increase resource utilization efficiency with approaches such as plant nutrition optimization and biofortification, to decrease carbon footprint, to create a sustainable and climate change-resistant production system in terms of global food and nutrition security, to provide functional food features to the crops and as a result, to grow higher quality, more “green” and healthier crops in all respects.

Rector Aslan Emphasizes Innovation for Competition in Agriculture

Rector Prof Dr. Muhammed Hasan ASLAN, who gave a speech at the signing ceremony, emphasized innovation for competition in agriculture and pointed out the significance of using resources efficiently, especially water, and growing reliable and healthy food under the threat of global climate change and drought. ASLAN thanked the faculty members of the Biotechnology Institute and the founding partners of the Plant Factory, and stated that besides healthy food production in such innovative agricultural systems, also it is very important to produce high value-added medicinal and aromatic plants under standardized conditions for the needs of different sectors such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

Plant Factory Will Be A Global Pioneer In The Sector

Meanwhile, the managing partner Halil BEŞKARDEŞLER, who spoke on behalf of Plant Factory at the meeting, made a brief presentation in which he summarized the main developments and activities since the establishment of the company and also expressed their satisfaction of joining forces with Gebze Technical University Biotechnology Institute. BEŞKARDEŞLER emphasized that the system they had developed is a product of 100% domestic and national engineering. They stated that they aim to constantly improve themselves with scientifically sound steps thanks to their collaboration with Gebze Technical University and also not to stop there just by pioneering the industry in Turkey but also they want to market vertical agriculture systems abroad with Central Asia and the Middle East countries being on the top of the list.